Live event – Wannabe Hacks

The wannabe hacks boys (and girl) hosted their first event on Friday night at The Wellington in Waterloo. It was a great success, and an even greater example of how they have managed their online community.

The five hacks got together and created a blog that gives a peek into the lives of aspiring journos. In their own words: “Wannabe Hacks isn’t your typical blog about journalism or trying to get into the media industry. The difference with Wannabe Hacks is that it is written by five graduates actually trying to do just that.” Check out the wannabe hacks for yourself.

It hit the ground running and has been the talk of the City Journalism department as well as many bloggers and important people in the online community. They maximised their online community through Twitter, Facebook,  comments on their website, guest bloggers and of course huge search engine optimisation (SEO) with their name (they appear first in google searches for wannabe hacks).

So, what next to boost their popularity other than hosting an event? The evening was swimming, with networking students, well known bloggers and new age journalism big wigs. And of course the booze was a-flowing.

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