Measure your performance ;)

Everyone wants to know how well they perform and how popular they are. This is ever relevant in the online world and everyone wants to boost their community and audience.

There are many simple methods that allow you to check how many hits your site has had and a plethora of ways in which to promote it, social networking being the key tool.

I have just discovered Crowdbooster, and it’s great.

Crowdbooster measures how well you are performing on Twitter and gives you insights into how to make you more effective.

We all know that Twitter presents  huge opportunities to promote your community, gain new followers and develop one-on-one relationships with your readers. Not only does it work as a promotional tool but you should strive to use it to become a leader in your community: someone who participates and understands what their reader wants and what the community is looking for.

Crowdbooster works in that they help build on the initial connection with your community and enhance your social media presence. They do what it says on the tin; they boost your crowd.

It shows you analytics that aren’t based on abstract scores but numbers that are connected to your site and its social media strategies: impressions, total reach, engagement, and more. They then give you the tools and recommendations you need to take action and improve on each one of these.

They give you in-depth statistics then arm you with the tools and strategies to build on these. It’s an indispensable tool for any site or blog that is trying to boost its readership. Sign up people, it’s a great site:

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