Interview: the difficulties of trying to start your own online community

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Managing communities catches up with James Atkinson, who has just entered the world of online communities with his group blog Burn the Jukebox. We discuss the challenges of trying to set up and manage a community.

What is Burn the Jukebox?

We are a DIY music and gigging collective formed of friends who started at university and have an open membership so anyone can take part.

Why did you decide to start an online community?

We live all over the country since graduating and the onlne community is  a way of everyone still communicating no matter where they are. The secondary purpose is to promote or at least make our members aware of upcoming gigs that we’re putting on and it’s a good way of getting in touch with other promoters and like-minded communities.

What kind of response have you had to it?

Although I just began the site and social media for it a month ago it’s already had a fantastic response, and we have new people wanting to participate.

How does it work on a practical level?

Every member knows the login to the blog so content is uploaded by them and then editorially reviewed, not taking any of the content out, just for formatting. Content appears on there all the time and all of us can review it as well.

What has been the best thing about starting an online community?

It helps us retain our collective identity even when geogrpahy means people can’t always take part.

Have you encountered any problems so far?

It’s not really a problem but we had to provide instructions of how to use WordPress because not everyone who wanted to be part of it was necessarily used to blogging. Moderating spam comments is always a pain!

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