The truth worth of online communities

Mariam Cook of the Guardian wrote an insightful comment piece about the true worth of online communities and the affects they have on your community in real life, or “IRL”.

As said by her son who was describing his virtual World of Warcraft life, an online community is addictive. It’s “like having another life – being in another world and doing all the things you have always dreamed of.”

To see the true addiction levels of World of Warcraft watch the clip below of the reaction a boy has to his mum telling him she has cancelled his membership.

Cook explores the fact that while they may be dangerous and addictive, they also let people who would otherwise never meet connect on many different subjects and mutual interests. Have a look at the article here

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One response to “The truth worth of online communities

  1. Lorrae

    I think this raises an interesting point about the lack of boundaries in online life. People, and young people in particular, are often too willing to share their innermost thoughts and personal habits online. I think the lack of reaction you get when you tell people something in person may be part of the reason.

    I have a contact on Facebook who was telling everyone who far dilated she was during labour. Too much information if you ask me! There need to be boundaries – some information needs to remain personal.

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