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What an online community’s conversation looks like: Guardian- Comment is Free

The Guardian run a successful online community and a large part of this is on their Comment is Free section. Here a variety of writers from a range of backgrounds write about current issues and readers are encouraged to leave comments with their opinion.

By doing this, the online community is heard and they converse with each other aswell as the writer. Some comments however are removed because they don’t abide by their ‘community standards’ (a blog post on this will soon follow).

By using Wordle, we’ve put all the comments of the online community on Bill Nighy’s article on Robin Hood Tax into a diagram that shows the most common words and ideas left by the community.

As you can see the range in response and comments is divese which shows that the community is too!

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The true worth of online communities

Comments Online

Here’s a really interesting piece from the Guardian’s CiF site on what people get out of their online communities – and why they are so addictive.


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