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Should online communities self-regulate?

We’ve spoken on here about how moderation works and who’s in charge of enforcing guidelines. But what about communities which span several different websites and platforms? Should they be regulated and if so how?

King Arthur

King Arthur's Round table - just like the blogging community?

Twespians, as I have mentioned elsewhere, is a regular “tweet-up” for people who write about, tweet about and generally think far more than is healthy about theatre. At their latest session, held at the beginning of the month, Laura Tosney, who blogs about theatre and social media, had an interesting suggestion: a Blogging Code of Honour.

I like it. It sounds like something from the stories of King Arthur. And I also think I already abided by one. That’s the thing about online communities – just like old-fashioned, flesh-and-blood communities, you have to be “nice” to be included. If you wrote vitriolic posts about the other bloggers in the community, or skulked around message boards, trolling any new post, you would be rejected by the community.

So thanks to Laura for putting it down in writing and for getting a debate going. These were the suggestions she had – click on the links to hear audio clips from her presentation (the script can be found on her own blog with the cute slides – but you don’t get the inspired ad libs). Anyway, can you think of any others to add to her list?

1. Transparency

2.Right of Reply

3. Don’t Watch from the Sidelines

4. Make it a Conversation

5. Create a community

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