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Local Communities Online: WHampstead

So far, this blog has dealt with communities centred around interests or specific websites. But what about old-fashioned, flesh-and-blood communities which have flowed-over (or over-flowed) on to the web?

As a resident of NW London – Willesden Green, to be precise – I am lucky enough to be part of a vibrant, witty and extremely useful online community. @WHampstead is a micro-blogger based (surprisingly) in West Hampstead who tweets about anything and everything WHamp-based. There are travel updates, hashtagged with #whamptravel, reviews of local restaurants and important news (#whampnews) from, for example, council meetings.

All hugley useful, but @WHampstead has not managed to gain nearly 2000 followers simply by re-tweeting council reports. Oh no. Because of the opt-in/opt-out set up of Twitter, it is a site which lends itself to bloggers who are not only useful but also entertaining and @WHampstead is that in droves. So his followers might get an update on the (inevitable) delays on the Jubilee line but mintues later something like this might be tweeted.

WHampstead also recognises that Twitter is not a megaphone. He retweets as much as he tweets and engages the members of his community in conversation.

So hurrah for WHampstead and his varied, informative, ridiculous Twitter stream. Here are a few of my favourites:

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